Stock & Option Trading

Easy order entry and fast execution! Broker-assisted trades are only $6 per trade. See our commission schedule.


Exchange Traded Fund

ETF's allow you to diversify your portfolio with lower expense ratios than the average mutual fund.


Mutual Fund

Select from a variety of mutual fund families.


Direct Access Trading

eOption supports multiple direct access trading platforms. Which one is right for you?


Option Trading in IRA's

Trade puts, calls, covered calls, cash-covered puts and spreads. Availability is determined by individual suitability.


Auto Trading

Execute stock, option, or mutual fund trades automatically, based on your newsletter's trade alerts. Learn more.


Individual & Small Business IRAs

Setting goals and maximizing your earnings to build your retirement savings is important at any age. Open an IRA today.


eOption Mobile

eOption has enhanced it's mobile trading application with new and convenient features including Mutual Funds trading. To monitor your accounts and trade on-the-go, download the latest release. Learn more.


Fixed Income

For a well diversified portfolio, eOption offers access to a variety of fixed income products through our full service fixed income department. Call 1-888-897-8133.


Margin Accounts

If you are leveraging your existing portfolio to purchase additional investments, eOption offers Margin Accounts with some of the lowest rates in the industry. See details on rates, guidelines and risks.



Extended Hours Trading

Extended hours trading is available. Trade more than 300 stocks. Learn more.



Electronic statements and confirms contain the same information as those delivered by mail and are free of charge. 

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