eOption’s Daily Market Report is a timely and informative service detailing equities that have recently met classic chart pattern conditions. As a value-added service exclusive to eOption account holders, the Daily Market Report is delivered on business days via e-mail.


eOption's Daily Market Report is provided by Recognia®, the industry leader providing actionable investment research products for self-directed investors and traders. Whether you are a new or experienced investor, this newsletter provides you with new ideas based on classic price chart patterns for bullish and bearish equities.

Automated technical analysis and chart pattern recognition gives you guided interpretation of classic chart patterns, indicators, and oscillators, letting you confidently identify the most opportune trades.


Classic price chart patterns are recognized by price swings that form distinctive patterns on the equity's price chart. The names of classic patterns often reflect the shape of the formation such as the Double Bottom, Head and Shoulders Top, Ascending Triangle and so on. Accepted principles of technical analysis indicate that classic patterns may provide insight into the outlook for the equity's price: bullish or bearish. The duration of the pattern signifies the time horizon for the anticipated price move: the longer the pattern, the longer the time horizon to reach the potential target price.

Guide to Classic Chart Patterns

Clear Thinking Guide

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Recognia is the industry leader providing actionable investment research products for self-directed investors and traders. Our compelling product suite uses automated interpretation of technical, fundamental and value based analytics to help validate investment decisions, manage risk and find ideas. Recognia helps to automate the investment decision making process by offering dynamic and action-oriented research for all trader types and provides coverage of more than 50 exchanges worldwide, including stocks, equities, forex, indices, currencies and futures.

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